The MORR System is designed to give our athletes understanding on body mechanics and how the muscles work. The creation of energy, building of muscle, and understanding human movement is the basis of implementing the MORR principles of training. Sports proficiency is about 2 things: being able to create explosive forces in the given set of movements (kinesiological patterns) used in sports, and sport skills (throwing, hitting, kicking, punching, catching, etc.) aptitude. Every time your athlete steps into our facility, not only will our coaches teach them the value of understanding how their body works and techniques that are associated with success on the court or field. We will also build muscle memory through high intense reps that will quickly build self-confidence within your athlete.


Build a solid foundation this Summer with Fury. We will work with our athletes to increase strength, muscular endurance, and mobility using techniques specific to each athlete’s sport/position.


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